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Jan. 8, 2022

State v Darius Carter and State v Miguel A. Roman Rosado - Consolidated Appeal

Meg and Jeff Horn, Toms River family law attorney and host of The Bold Sidebar, continue their discussion of 2021 New Jersey Supreme Court decisions.

In Episode 3 of this NJ law podcast, Meg and Jeff discuss several cases dealing with New Jersey motor vehicle statutes prohibiting license tag frames that conceal a portion of the license tag and New Jersey motor vehicle statutes prohibiting tinted windows, in terms of when the police can lawfully stop a driver who is violating these laws.

In the consolidated appeals of State v. Darius J. Carter and State v. Miguel A. Roman-Rosado, the New Jersey Supreme Court decided to narrowly interpret NJSA 39:3-33, which makes it illegal to have a license plate frame that conceals any part of the tag.  Earlier this year the New Jersey Supreme Court granted cert in State v. David L. Smith, a case dealing with NJSA 39:3-74 and -75, the law prohibiting tinted windows.  We are anxiously awaiting the Court’s decision next year on this issue

Although these motor vehicle statutes may seem minor, a stop due to a violation of them may have grave consequences due to the domino effect of a subsequent search and seizure of alleged contraband on the person or on the vehicle of the driver.

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Jeff Horn

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Jeff Horn is a family law attorney. ​​Before becoming a lawyer, Jeff worked in the environmental cleanup business – managing hazardous waste sites and serving as regional manager of a national air and soil testing equipment company. Jeff opened his own law firm, Horn Law Group, in 1998 and continues to serve the needs of local individuals and families as an attorney. Jeff has been honored by peer review organizations, including Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers. You can also follow Jeff's podcast, The Bold Sidebar, on all the major podcast players.