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June 20, 2022

Rich McHale pt2 🕵🏽 Re-Tracing Mark's Steps After the Fire

"Tracing Mark's Steps After the Fire"

Welcome back for segment 2, in this series with Richard McHale. Rich details the initial investigation where - without surveillance - police tried to trace Mark's steps after he left the fire.🚓 Rich began working the case in 1996 and remains committed to this day to finding Mark, having recently written the book, "Where is Mark?"   If anyone has any information about the case, please contact the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office, the Middle Township Police Department or your local law enforcement agency.

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Richard McHaleProfile Photo

Richard McHale

Ret. Middle Township Police Sergeant

Richard McHale is a retired sergeant from the Middle Township Police Department, where he served in the Patrol Division, SRO program, and Major Crimes Unit for 23 years. McHale also served as the Criminal Law Instructor for the Cape May County Police Academy and was on the SWAT Team. Prior to becoming a police officer, Mr. McHale served as a correctional officer for the Cape May County Sheriff's Department and served in the Marine Corps Reserves. Mr. McHale has been involved with the Mark Himebaugh “Missing Persons” Investigation, since 1996, and presented the Himebaugh Investigation to the behavioral scientists and analysts, at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in 2015. He is now the author of the book Where is Mark? which provides insight into the Himebaugh Investigation.