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Sept. 11, 2022

NJCRC Releases Cannabis Impairment Guidelines for New Jersey Businesses

NJCRC Releases Cannabis Impairment Guidelines for New Jersey Businesses

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In a recent move to assist employers in the state, the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission has released guidelines for gathering evidence that an employee is under the influence of cannabis.

This information will help employers ensure a safe and productive work environment for all employees.

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission, is a new regulatory body that has been established in New Jersey to oversee the state's cannabis industry. The commission will have a wide range of responsibilities, including licensing businesses, regulating cultivation and production, and ensuring compliance with state laws. 

The CRC will be tasked with issuing licenses to cannabis businesses in New Jersey. These businesses will include growers, processors, dispensaries, and delivery services. The CRC will also be responsible for regulating these businesses to ensure they are operating within the state's laws. In addition, the CRC will work to ensure that the cannabis industry is a safe and compliant industry for all involved.

The CRC is an important step forward for the cannabis industry in New Jersey. With the establishment of this new regulatory body, the state is sending a clear message that it is committed to creating a safe and compliant cannabis economy. 


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