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June 12, 2020

Post Pandemic Plan: COVID-19 NJ Judicial Orders - June 10th and 11th

COVID-19 NJ Courts 2020 Post-Pandemic Plan 

  • Transition from Phase 1 (Remote Operations) to 
  • Phase 2 (Limited On-site Presence and In-Person Court Events

Meg is the former Chief Assistant Prosecutor for the County of Cape May, New Jersey.  


As an adjunct instructor at Rowan University and former instructor at both the Cape May and Vineland police academies, she has a passion for sharing information about the law in NJ.   -The New Jersey judicial system is doing a good job of moving forward via technology. 🚓 -So far:  Twelve-thousand criminal trial proceedings with eighteen-thousand participants.   -What are the conflicts we are facing between problem solving and the Constitution?  -For sure we'll be flirting with speedy-trial rights and requirements to bring charges in 180 days.   

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