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May 19, 2023

Murder of Jerod Draper in a Safe Place

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In 2018, Jerod Draper was pulled over while having a suicidal episode. His life ended shortly thereafter when a Guantanamo Bay trained nurse tortured Jarod Draper to death with a fifty-thousand volt Taser while strapped to a steel chair in Harrison County Jail, in Indiana.

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Larry Wilder is fighting for justice in the jailhouse murder of Jerod Draper. In October, 2023, the statute of limitations will expire, and justice will be betrayed.

View the documentary, Safe Place:

Please help bring attention via petition

A Guantanamo Bay trained nurse, named Michael Gregory, and Dustin Cundall, jail captain, were the primary actors in the jail cell when Jerod Draper was killed. While being shocked, Draper’s hands, chest, and feet were all strapped to a five-point restraint chair. His official cause of death was determined to be an overdose.

Any reasonable person who watches Safe Place knows they've witnessed a crime.But the FBI refuses to investigate, and the local prosecuting attorney, Otto Shalk, does not have the juice to act on behalf of justice.

If there is no legitimate effort to pursue this case, the clock will run out in Oct 2023. At that point, the guilty will get a pass for murder in Indiana.

The clock is ticking.

The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice has a history of bringing charges when law enforcement officials abuse their power.

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Larry WilderProfile Photo

Larry Wilder


Larry has been practicing law in Southern Indiana for 37 years. In 2018 he and a young colleague, Zach Stewart, took on a local sheriff’s office and jail for the torture of Jerrod Draper while in custody. Jerrod ultimately died that night. The New York Times and The took up their cause and a young filmmaker, Sam Mirporian produced a 20 minute documentary of this horrible night in the backwoods jail in Indiana.