True Crime & Law Podcast
Nov. 29, 2021

Jim Leonard pt3 - Table Your Ego

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Welcome to the 3rd installment in our conversation with Jim Leonard. While the scope of Mr. Leonard’s practice and his reputation have evolved significantly, the primary focus is, and always will be, aggressive criminal defense litigation throughout the State of New Jersey.

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James J. Leonard Jr., Esq.Profile Photo

James J. Leonard Jr., Esq.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Jim is a repeat guest and Meg's choice to celebrate the 100th episode of the NJCP.

Upon graduating from Villanova University School of Law in 2001, Jim became an associate at a prominent Camden County law firm specializing in criminal defense work. In 2002, Mr. Leonard left the firm and started his own practice, the Leonard Law Group, specializing in aggressive criminal defense litigation.

In 2003, Mr. Leonard won two high-profile jury trials that established his reputation as a highly skilled trial attorney. In 2015, Mr. Leonard was nominated by his peers as a Super Lawyer. While the scope of Mr. Leonard’s practice and his reputation have evolved significantly over the last decade, the primary focus is and always will be aggressive criminal defense litigation for defendants charged in Juvenile Court, Municipal Court, Superior Court and Federal Court throughout the State of New Jersey.